About PlanMoreTrips

What Exactly Is PlanMoreTrips?

PlanMoreTrips is a free Chrome browser extension that helps travelers organize their flight and hotel options, making it super simple to plan your next trip.

How Does PlanMoreTrips Work?

The free PlanMoreTrips extension runs in the background of your Chrome browser. When you visit a travel site like Google Flights, PlanMoreTrips automatically loads and allows you to save any potential flight and hotel options you find in 1 click. Once you have saved potential travel options, you can easily share those options with friends, family, and other travelers via a shared link.

Do You Sell My Data?

We take privacy extremely seriously. While the PlanMoreTrips is 100% free, we DO NOT sell your data. We have a real business model that relies on affiliate revenue that we recieve from flight partners if you end up booking your flight. Therefore all your data is private and secure. Our full privacy policy can be found here.

How Much Does PlanMoreTrips Cost?

PlanMoreTrips is a 100% free Chrome extension. There is no cost to use it.

PlanMoreTrips makes money via affiliate commissions. If you end up booking any of the flights and hotels that you find, the websites you purchase your itinerary on may provide us with a commission after you finalize your booking. This does not cost you anything.

We DO NOT sell your data in any way. Our full privacy policy can be found here.

Why Did You Build PlanMoreTrips?

We are professional travelers who fly over 100,000 miles a year and always found it a pain in the butt to try and plan trips with other people. We got tired of using ad-hoc solutions like shared Google Sheets, text messages, and long email chains to coordinate travel plans. So instead we built our own solution to this problem and used it for our personal trips. Our friends and family found PlanMoreTrips so useful that we decided to open it up to everyone.

Who Is PlanMoreTrips For?

PlanMoreTrips is both a personal productivity and collaboration tool. We grew tired of planning trips where there are mass email chains, lost text messages, and annoying shared Google spreadsheets. PlanMoreTrips streamlines all of that into one easy to use interface and allows you to quickly plan your next trip. It doesn’t matter if you are a road warrior, veteran backpacker, planning a family trip, or if this is your first trip, anyone can use PlanMoreTrips.

How Is PlanMoreTrips Different From TripIt or Google Trips?

We love and use travel apps like TripIt and Google Trips to help organize our trips.

The main difference between PlanMoreTrips and those apps is that you use those apps only AFTER you have already booked everything. You typically forward your flight and email confirmations to those services and they organize it for you. You cannot use them to plan your trip before you book.

PlanMoreTrips is the first app that helps you plan your trip BEFORE you actually book your flights and hotels. PlanMoreTrips creates 1 place to organize all your flight and hotel options in 1 place and replaces things like email chains, shared Google Docs, and text messages.

App Specific Questions

How To I Start Using PlanMoreTrips?

You can get started with PlanMoreTrips by installing the Chrome extension via the Chrome store here.

The Chrome extension is what allows PlanMoreTrips to automatically capture flight and hotel data for you.

You can use PlanMoreTrips without the extension but then you will need to manually add any flight and hotel options you find.

Can I Use PlanMoreTrips With Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc?

At the moment, we only support Chrome because it is the most widely used browser.

If you use another browser, please send us an email to know that you want another browser supported and we will try to accommodate you.

What Travel Sites Can I Use PlanMoreTrips With?

PlanMoreTrips automatically loads on over 1,000+ travel sites all around the world.

If you find any flights or hotel options that you like, you can manually add any options you like via clicking the PlanMoreTrips extension.

For the following sites, we currently support automatic 1-click saving:

We are constantly working to add more sites to this list but each site needs to be manually coded.

PlanMoreTrips also automatically loads on over 1,000+ other travel sites but at the moment, you have to manually save data via the extension.

Sites PlanMoreTrips support include:

If we don’t support your favorite travel site, please shoot us a message and we will try and add it.

Can I Use PlanMoreTrips On My Smartphone Or Tablet?

Yes! You can access PlanMoreTrips.com via your smartphone and manually create a sharable itinerary.

Unfortunately, PlanMoreTrips 1-click flight saving functionality is currently only available via the Chrome browser web extension on desktop or laptop. Chrome does not offer browser extension support for smartphones, so we are currently working on a mobile app to solve that problem.

How Do I Book My Flight Or Hotel With PlanMoreTrips?

When your itinerary is finalized, you can simply click the links in your itinerary to finalize your bookings via the original sites you found the flights and hotels on.

For example if you found a flight on Google Flights, when you are ready to book it, you would simply click on the link in your PlanMoreTrips itinerary and we would direct you to Google Flights to book the flight.

All Other Questions

I Have Another Question That Isn't Listed...

Please send us an email at help@planmoretrips.com and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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