What Are The Best Travel Planning Apps For 2020?

These Are The 14 Best Travel Apps for 2020

When it comes to planning and holiday-taking, travelers rely more than ever on their smartphones. Travel applications are not only a source of inspiration, they are also extremely useful for scheduling and handling transportation, making restaurant reservations, or discovering great museums anywhere in the world you travel to next.

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to talk about removing the winter coats and organizing your future vacations this year— whether it’s an official family vacation, a road trip, a solo fitness escape or a last minute long weekend getaway with the ladies. So it may be time to try free travel applications like TripIt, Kayak, and Hopper to make things a little easier while you plan your itinerary, do some quick pre-trip browsing, attempt to schedule flight times, hotels, and fun activities (all while keeping under budget). 

There are plenty of free travel applications that assist with everything from day-to-day hotel reservations and last-minute flight adjustments, as well as the ones that act as guidebooks and foreign language dictionaries. The best travel apps can help you navigate a new city; make currency conversions; pack a perfect suitcase; even give local tips on the ground. 

You will actually enjoy the build up until your next trip with the aid of these amazing travel apps!

Free to download from iOS & Android, Hopper analyzes billions of airfare and hotel rates a day— as well as its massive historical data archive — to inform you whether to wait for or schedule your flight. It is the best way to find cheap flights and hotels. 

Type in your destination and a color-coded calendar can give you the cheapest (and most expensive) flying times. Hopper will then propose that you go ahead and buy now, or hold off until the prices increase. 

If it asks you to stay tuned, you can set a “wait” tag, and put away your phone. Hopper should give you a message when the price is down to its lowest point and it’s time for you to click. 

Download Hopper for free on iTunes and Google Play.

TripIt arranges all your itineraries in one place after you have booked them. It is an app I use on every trip. 

Available for free for both iPhone and Android, users simply send confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, and for each trip, the software can build a master report — Wi-Fi is not required — that you can download anywhere. 

For a premium service, TripIt Pro ($49/year) brings additional features to boost your organizing power. These include real-time flight alerts, refund notifications, tracking reward points and miles, a currency converter, a list of socket and plug requirements, tipping advice for 180 countries, and more. 

The flight alerts are super useful if you are a frequent flyer because it will alert you of gate changes. 

Download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Travel planning is a huge pain in the butt but thanks to PlanMoreTrips free travel planning app, it is now super easy to build the perfect itinerary. 

Once you have selected a destination, use PlanMoreTrips to save any cheap flights & hotels that you find. 

PlanMoreTrips is the best app for travel planning and acts like an online spreadsheet for travel planning. 

PlanMoreTrips makes group travel planning super easy. 

It is available for free on ChromeMicrosoft Edge, and Brave.

On a road trip you have a huge amount of flexibility but it takes effort to schedule them. Next time you’re motivated to take a car and go, seek Roadtrippers

The app allows free navigation of your journey with up to 7 waypoints. After that there’s an upgrade option. 

The app can offer local food choices along your way, roadside attractions, scenic stops and more. 

They even have guides pre-made for famous road trips. It is the best way to plan a road trip. 

Download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

A last-minute traveler’s fantasy, Hotel Tonight free app helps you to book up to seven days (up to 100 in some markets) in advance until your visit. 

The hotel rooms available are divided into simple, luxurious, stylish and high-roller categories and the app offers great last minute rates. 

Also there are useful features like saving favorite hotels and scrolling through reviews and user-generated photos. 

Take advantage of the daily drop feature, where you swipe to find a custom deal with a special price that is valid only 15 minutes after unlocking. 

Download for free on iTunes or Google Play.

Use the Airbnb app to book rentals from home instead of hotels. 

You can filter results based on the home type, price, required amenities and more after entering your destination and dates — and for those last-minute travels, you can only search for properties that don’t require pre-approval. 

You can book directly through the web, if you see something you like. 

Ideal for handling your trips while on the road— you can reach all your bookings under the “Trips” tab, where you can show your booking (and address or directions), notify the host or adjust your booking. 

Download for free on iTunes or Google Play

Give Timeshifter a chance if you have an international trip in the works but are trying to ward off the jet lag. The software has been created by scientists who have used sleep and circadian neuroscience to help inform you of the personalized jet lag tips they are making. Even astronauts and elite athletes have used it to reach their destinations in tip-top shape, according to the app’s website.

The first “jet lag plan” is free so try it out all over the world on your next adventure.

Download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Rome2Rio is one of the most detailed global travel planning tools there is, with data coming from over 160 nations. Enter any 2 cities as your destination and the app shows accommodation details and things to do.

Free on iOS and Android, Rome2rio also teaches you how to get around and calculates prices, so if you’re considering traveling from Florence to Rome, it will tell you all bus, train, flight, and car options along with prices.

Download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

The FlightAware app allows you to monitor flights remotely, show a live map of a flight, and check for delays, cancellations, and seating changes. If you have a tight connection or want to keep track of your train, the software is particularly helpful. It’s also handy to pick up friends and family at the airport. 

You’ll be monitoring their flight to see modified or postponed landing times.

Download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

The XE Currency Converter software offers quick live, up-to-the-minute currency prices, enabling you to store and update them even when offline. 

You will never have to wonder again if you are really getting a good deal in another country. Super useful app that I use in every country.

Download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Google Translate lets you do it all — translate into 103 languages by clicking and viewing nearly 60 offline languages. 

You can use handwriting in 93 languages (where text or symbols are written, rather than typing). 

It also offers 37-language camera translation, where you point your camera and snap for instant translation. And two-way translation of instant speech is available in 32 languages. 

Google Translate is also easy to use, and you can click on icons at the top to sketch, take a picture, talk or write.

Download for free on iTunes or Google Play.

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There is our list of the best must have travel apps for 2020. Hopefully post corona virus, people will start traveling again.

If you have any travel apps you recommenced, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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