About PlanMoreTrips

PlanMoreTrips was built out of necessity. After many years of flying over 100,000 miles a year and visiting every corner of the globe, we grew tired of trying to plan trips with friends and family using Google Docs, email, and text messages.

We kept waiting for an easy to use solution to plan our trips but it never came, so in the end we decided to build PlanMoreTrips purely for ourselves and slowly it caught on with other travelers.

PlanMoreTrips is a labor of love project so if you have any ideas on how to make it better, we are all ears. We love feedback and are always trying to build the absolute best product for travelers.

  • Raj Mahal
    Raj has been a frequent flyer for the last 10 years and has visited 65 countries.
  • Clarissa Stocks
    UI & UX
    When we need to do things both fast and good, we call Clarissa.
  • Ross Mithgol
    Content Writer
    Ross can write content like no one's business. Dangerous man!

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