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Our free Chrome Extension finds the absolute cheapest price on your flights, hotels, airbnbs, activities, and cars

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How PlanMoreTrips Works

Our powerful free Chrome Extension works on all your favorite travel sites to automatically find you the best price

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    Install Our Free Chrome Extension

    Our AI-powered free Chrome Extension quickly cross-checks any flight or hotel price you find on any travel website and tells you which site has the best price.

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    Search ANY Of Your Favorite Travel Sites

    PlanMoreTrips automatically works with every single travel site you already use including Kayak, Google Flights, Delta, Priceline, Expedia, United, Skyscanner, Booking, Airbnb, and 1,000+ more travel sites.

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    Select The Flight Or Hotel You Want

    Using our free Chrome Extension, choose any flight, hotel, airbnb, car, or activity in 1 click and save it so we can check the price for you.

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    Using AI, We Cross-Check Over 500+ Travel Sites Around The World For The Lowest Price

    Travel sites have variable prices depending on tons of different factors like your browser, which mobile device you use, internet provider, geo-location, cookies, what website you just came from, etc. We use this to our advantage and run hundreds of simulated searches on each site using different settings to find you the best price.

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    We Save You Money By Finding The Lowest Price

    When the search is complete (usually 5-10 minutes), we will send you an email letting you know which site has the cheapest price and you can book directly with them.

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PlanMoreTrips is free & works on all major travel sites 

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