• Alec

    November 14, 2023 at 1:43 pm

    It depends. I think Hilton is WAY more rewarding for spend and points acquisition (better bonuses, even accounting for Marriott points going further), given that their FNC isn’t capped and you can get one either with a card (Aspire) or with 15k spend (Surpass or Hilton Business).

    Also Hilton is the best of all of them of always running a promo. Also the synergy of the Hilton Aspire/Surpass credit card is better than Brilliant or their $95 cards (unless you have the Ritz).

    So I think it depends, if you can REALLY stack a lot of OPM on that card I would go with Hilton, if you’re more looking for best treatment while on the road and you can hit Titanium or Ambassador I would lean Marriott…

    I think the benefits for higher end status are better for Marriott and they have more aspirational properties (Hilton is catching up not not there yet).