• How To Cash Out Carnival Cruise Giftcards?

    Posted by Linwood on October 5, 2023 at 12:35 pm

    A question on cashing out Carnival gift cards. What’s the best way to use them if you aren’t sure you’ll spend enough on onboard expenses to deplete them?

    Our family will be going on one of the free Carnival cruises this weekend. I’ve already paid for all the gratuities, port taxes, and any dining we wanted ahead of time using discounted gift cards from various Chase offers and the 5X grocery store referral bonus from AMEX.

    I’ve got about $300 – $500 in gift cards left from recent $35 off $100 Carnival offers with Chase and US Bank that I couldn’t pass up. We ended up booking our one excursion externally so we can’t use them on that.

    Buying cruise cash mentions that any remaining is forfeited at the end of the cruise so I’m hesitant to do that. I’ve seen mention of applying the gift cards to your sail & sign account for use in the casino and cashing that out but can’t find the comment threads from that – can someone share their experience with this?

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  • Rosalia

    October 5, 2023 at 12:36 pm

    When you sit at a slot machine you insert your Sail & Sign and withdraw $ from there (room charge) to play. You can enter a few hundred if you want, play a few dollars, and cash out. You then go to the cashier and give them your card and ask to cash out and they give you money. I did this on my last carnival cruise in August when I was short on cash. I roomed charged and cashed out.

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